“Olympus mountain”

Mount Olympus is the highest Greek mountain. It is globally known from the Greek Mythology as the “home of the gods” or “mountain of the gods” of the twelve Olympian gods of the ancient world. It is the second highest peaked mountain in the Balkan region, while it is peaked at 2.918 meters (Mytikas).

Mount Olympus is one of the most significant sights in Macedonia for various reasons, most importantly though for its historical and mythological fame, its beauty, hiking paths or natural swimming pools and waterfalls full of fresh, rejuvenating spring water.

It is highly recommended to at least witness the beauty of its landscape, if not hike through some of the paths it offers, or swim into the mountains fountains, which are located 32km away from Dionysos Rooms.

“Archaelogical sites”

The Pierian land is full of ancient sights and archaeological ruins. Thus, it feels obligatory to visit some of them, in order to feel the culture and history of the region. Most of these sights exist from the ancient greek era (1000 b.C.), preserved to show the modern world of the ancient structure and life. Some of the most important of these sights would be : Ancient Dion, Platamon Castle, Ancient Pydna, St. Dionysios of Olympus Church, Geology Museum in Leptokarya.

“City of Katerini”

The city of Katerini is located almost 7km away from Dionysos Rooms. Katerini is the capital city of Pieria, populated from almost 70.000 people. It is also the 13th biggest city in population in the whole country.

As a highly active city, it offers plenty of choices for entertainment, various shops restaurants, for anyone who would like to taste traditional, or foreign cuisine.